Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Ready

In case you haven't checked in for a while, it's back.
It's time to get things moving along. The second version of the AntiEpic is back.

Remember folks, the "official" course is 150 + miles. That doesn't mean that you can't talk amongst yourselves and come up with shorter or longer routes.

So far, it looks like the following people have committed:

Joseph Shults
Chad Gorby
Jim Fluharty-Cooper
Brian Behn
Chris Ellefson
Sean Duckett
Steven Pamlenyi
Jeff Lifgren
Tim Lucking
Matt Adamiak
Tim Lutz
Zack Lamb

If you're interested in information, check it out HERE
Stay tuned to this blog for information. But, be sure in knowing that the information on the Colorado Endurance Series website is up to date.

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