Monday, March 25, 2013


There was a lot of snow that just fell on the AntiEpic course over the weekend!
It looks like the forecast is for highs in the 50's for the week, so with the higher sun and the 50's most of the week, the course should be melting off and drying up over the next week.

However, there is one stretch of road that is 3-4 miles that I expect to be muddy. Sticky, clay-like, mud. It will destroy your drivetrain should you decide to ride through it. The rest of the course should be good.

I will be getting out later this week/early next and checking the course, taking pics, and giving you a general update.

If bad weather (worst case plan):

If we receive similar snow in the days leading up to the race, you are more than welcome to do the 150, but we'll figure out an alternative route. If it's too crappy, it may be necessary to push just push it off a week until April 13. I want it to be a good, fun race. There are no checkpoints and if it turns into a 20 hour slog through mud with no checkpoints, that's not good. This is keeping in mind that the Durango Gravel Grinder is also that weekend.

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