Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Guitar Ted Show

Guitar Ted is back on the air with another new episode. GT and co-host, Ben, just released another episode of "The Guitar Ted Show" on Mountain Bike Radio.

In this episode they discussed some hot cycling topics from this year's Interbike; fatbikes, 27.5, and GRAVEL!

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There has been a pretty big ongoing discussion about "gravel" bikes lately, including a healthy set of posts and comments over at Guitar Ted's blog. Guitar Ted brought up a very good point - the term "gravel bike" could be and, from our point of view, is limiting to this style of bikes. A reader also touched on it in saying that these are the style of bikes that most people should probably be on. Not the race inspired, light-as-a-feather, laterally-stiff-vertically-compliant, TdF machines, that most are looking at for road.

It seems that, for a large part of the population, they are looking to get their asses on some more comfortable and functional bikes. This is apparent in the recent adoption of "endurance" road bikes for the roadie crowd. Further, there is a large group of cyclists who care more about their ride around the bike path to get in shape than shaving their legs and sharing their Strava results and they have been buying recreational/fitness bikes (I prefer upright road bike, so people don't get the idea that it's a 35 pound old grandma bike) in droves. The bikes being used for gravel "grinding" are a great mix of comfort, performance, and function. Riders can put their wider tires on for normal, everyday riding, and then switch out to the skinny skinnies if they want to head out on the big century of the summer.

Anyhow, they discussed all this in the new episode, so go have a listen to the episode and you can hear Guitar Ted's take on the situation.

Happy riding!


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