Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final Map

Hello riders,

Here's the final map:
(You'll note that the map says that the estimated time is 9:37 - this is no way possible - it's based on going 30mph on the flats...good luck.)

You can just download, but I would recommend also making yourself some cue sheets.

We'll meet at the Greenland Open Space, do a neutral rollout for a couple miles and then go from there.
The end will be at the corner of Greenland Road and Mesa View Road.

You'll note that the course does not go into Deer Trail, so if you can carry all of your food and water for the entire route, you can save yourself some good time by skipping the town of Deer Trail. There is no other refueling point, so probably not a good idea to skip the two well stocked gas stations in town.

It's going to take a long time. You may want to bring lights just in case.

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Here is the roster that is posted up on the Colorado Endurance Series site:
  • John Hutchinson
  • Ryan Fonkert
  • Bob Stellick
  • Anthony Newsom (100miles)
  • Kristi Olson (100 miles)
  • Ken Boyer
  • Steven Pamlneyi
  • Jeff VanDerLinden
  • Shane DeMars
  • Michael Beck
  • Greg Bachman
  • Adam Perkins
  • Mark Walker
  • Aaron Weinsheimer
  • Chad Gorby
  • Noah Schabacker
  • Brian Behn
  • Eric Schraufnagel
  • Jason Haubelt
  • Chris Skogen
  • KT DeSantis
  • Bill Ruth
  • Scott Hendricks
  • Jeff Hammond
  • Bryan Krause
  • Pete Schuster
  • Cameron Chambers
  • Jayson Middlemiss
  • LeLan Dains
  • Kevin Thomas
  • Trapper Steinle
  • Nick Klinkers
  • Jim Fluharty-Cooper
  • Dave Nordstrom
We'll see who shows up on Saturday! See you then!


  1. Excellent! Thanks for putting this together Ben - looking forward to seeing you in a week!

  2. Hey Ben - The COES page still lists the date time as tentative (4/7 at 6:30. I assume the date is solid. How about that crazy early start? ;)

  3. date is solid. crazy start time is to allow time later on so don't have to be riding into the dark. if i were you, I would just sleep down there. You're welcome to stay at our place if you'd like.

    1. Thanks for the offer man. I'd love to take you up on that but I agreed to carpool with someone from Boulder, so unless he backs out unexpectedly...

  4. I'm also planning on being there even though I'm in no shape for it. For some reason the Colorado Endurance Series site never shows my comments. Jason had to add my name for me for the Ring the Peak race.

  5. Hey - I just put a note on the COES registration page, too, but just letting you know here, too, that I'm now out. I simply haven't been able to put in the training time necessary for this event as I had hoped. I hope to you see all at the start, though, as I'm going to show up with my camera instead and get some pics of the racers taking off.

    Ryan Fonkert