Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Case for Suffering Race Report

I'm happy that someone else with some real writing skills has taken on the AntiEpic, was successful, and was willing to both get on the air and write about it.

Chris Case, the managing editor of Velo Magazine, recently started a column called "A Case for Suffering." The column is part of Chris's quest for suffering and delight. Read the first post of the column HERE to get an idea of what Chris is up to.

This quote from "When epic isn't enough," the second installment of the column, is a good example of the quality of the writeup and a good view into the mind of someone who suffered through the AntiEpic:  "I don’t believe that it’s healthy to suffer for the sake of suffering. But it can be illuminating to inspect what suffering means to oneself, to get uncomfortable, then understand how to make that state comfortable once again. Then, you go beyond that to the unknown once more, slowly ascending the invisible staircase of self-understanding. You learn who you are and what it is to be human. You learn that we, humans, are capable of staggering things. What we think is our utmost is rather easily turned into another segment on the gran fondo of our evolution."

Go read the rest of "When epic isn't enough."

Also, Chris discussed his ride and thoughts recently on Radio.

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