Monday, January 16, 2012

Recon Ride - Sunday 1/15/12

Check it out on Strava first.  The segment on Hwy 86 is not part of the course - we only used it as a connector to reach the last segment of the race.  The rest of the route we did was on course.  Maymyride does a poor job of estimating elevation gain.  It'll probably be 7000-8000 total feet of climbing.  It's not easy - there are a lot of small rolling climbs that are exposed to the wind. 

Co Rd 98 (the "b" road) east of Co Rd 77 was tough.  Cement like mud clogged up our drivetrains and wouldn't let go.  It was a slick sandy clay that mixed with small chunks of grass to form a hard mass in any moving parts.  Here are a couple pictures of what that section was like:

I am getting questions about what bike to ride.  I do not recommend a cyclocross bike.  The amount of washboard area, fast loose downhill corners, and 150miles will leave you rattled, scraped up, and curled in a ball while crying.  Plus, if it is remotely wet, you'll be walking the entire road with a cyclocross bike.

A monstercross type setup may be a good option.  Most of what we rode today was hardpacked with some softer sandy type dirt.  I am riding my hardtail 29er with something like the Bontrager XR1s .
The control, comfort, and durability will be necessary over the 12 hours.

Here are a few more pictures from the day:
Morning views of Pikes Peak from the start

Packer fans along the course.  I wonder if they took this flag down after yesterday...

Common views

Old school/church


Start of the "B" road (Co Rd 98)

Your cheering section

Ken trying to make friends with spectators

A lot of rolling climbs


  1. Last October I roade CR98 on my CROSS BIKE....thank you. And I had to stop and dig mud out of the frame with a stick! Twice! Fortunately, the road descends after that and the washboards knocked alot of the mud off. Oh, and what did you think of the little climb up CR94? It is called the Bijou Wall. Cheers!

  2. Eric,
    I'm not saying that this isn't doable on a cross bike. It'd be doable on a ss too. It's just that this is going to be a race and I doubt the fastest route is a cross (or ss).

    I'm not sure of the climb you mean - do you mean 49? Keep in mind you're talking to a group that thinks that racing the Breck 100 is just another race!