Thursday, January 12, 2012


This Sunday, Jan 15th I'm heading out for a 4-5 hour ride leaving from Greenland Open Space at 7:30am.
If you are interested, just show up.  If you are not there, I/we will leave without you.  It's a social ride, if you consider social minimal waiting up and stopping.

There will be no refueling spots and I wouldn't recommend a cross bike.  The gravel will probably have some snow, ice, and mud. 

The goal is just to ride some parts of the route.
Hopefully I will see someone out there.

Again, I want to make it clear that this isn't a wait for people ride.  We won't hammer, but we aren't going slow.  If you're dropped, it's not because I'm a's because you don't like us enough to keep up!  ha, so there.



  1. If you are interested I am heading out on a scouting ride on the following Sunday. I'll be leaving from Elizabeth rather than the Greenland Open Space.

  2. I'll be out in Salt Lake City at the Outdoor Retailer show. We'll have to get out sometime after that. Anyone else out there want to ride with Steel Riding?