Friday, January 13, 2012

Spinning the High Plains

The AE150 Headquarters received a message today informing us that we are not the new kids on the block.  Apparently, 2012 will mark the 5th anniversary for the Dirty Century

The Dirty Century is more of a tour type ride, including food and a sag vehicle.
It's cool to see there are others out there hitting the dirt.

Tonight I received this email from Eric, who is organizing it:

"Greetings Dirt Road Warriors,
Details for the 5 th Annual Dirty Century are coming together. I will be accepting applications for wanna-be sufferers next Friday at the Bikes and Beers party at . Here are the ride details so far:
Date and Time - June 24 th at 7:00 AM
Location - Starts and ends at Evans Park in Elizaeth , Colorado
Route - 110 miles!!!! Not your Grandma's Dirty Century
Amenities - Not Much. Only one town to stop in, but we will have a sag wagon and lunch stop in Fondis
If you have any questions please contact me at:"


  1. There's also the Gold Belt Century.

    I took part in this one last year; a great ride. It, too, is more of a social affair; not really a race, per se. Still, if you're just looking to get in some great gravel miles with great folks, check it out. I had a blast. There were only 5 of us last year, and I was the only one from the Springs area. I was really surprised by that, as it's a great ride right here in our backyard.

  2. Cool, thanks. I can do a post on this one.