Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wow. Western Nebraska Beat Down.

I just saw this one and am going to steal it right from Shane over at Gravel Quest:

Odin's Revenge:

" Well, you're right - Nebraska isn't on the front range, but at under 5 hours western Nebraska is still a hell of a lot closer than most of the Midwest grinder round up.

Odin's Revenge appears to be taking form for late June. According to the on Guitar Ted's blog post the event should be about 180 miles leaving from Gothenburg, NE.  It's new, details are not final, there's no website and there may be limited space, but it could be a good event if it really comes together."

Sounds like an alternative to DK200...or in addition to...whatever floats your boat.

*** Update***

The Odin's Revenge SITE has been updated today.
From the site:

"If you LOVE gravel, send us a Valentine's card!

. . . post card, that is.

Registration for Odin's Revenge will begin on February 14th.

Details and Registration

Event Dates: June 29th-30th
Entry Fee: No Charge
Field Limit: 75
Start/Finish Town: Gothenburg, Nebraska

Registration: Registrations will be accepted starting February 14th and will continue until the field is full. 75 entries will be accepted with a limited number being placed on the alternate list.

Your registration needs to be on a postcard sent to;

Odin’s Revenge
c/o Chad Quigley
713 12th Street
Gothenburg NE 69138

The following information must be included on the card;

Category of Entry
Email address

Entries without a valid email address will not be allowed. Entries received before the 14th will not be accepted.

Prizes and Race Categories

Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in each class. Additionally, special prizes will be given at the conclusion of the event at the discretion of the Sponsors and Directors. Details on the prizes and awards will be available as the date of the event nears.

Three Classes of Competitors:
Open Men
Open Women
Open Singlespeed / Fixed Gear
Relay - two riders will each ride one leg of the course."


  1. UPDATE - The website for this event is up and running, albeit in early development stages. Check out the photos of the course. This thing looks awesome! If I'm recovered from DK200, and there's room I hope to go. Looks like a fantastic route in any case.

  2. Thanks Shane. I've updated the post.

  3. Hey fella's !! A huge thank You for listing and showing some interest in Odin's. With this being the first year it may be lean on the festivities, but the course will more than make up for that. Come on out and ride some of the best gravel,and a little dirt, with us !!Looking forward to having a great turn out and making some new friends that ;ove to ride bikes. After all that's what it's all about !!